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Introduction Use directly in-line

Ready-to-use 3D system for surface inspection and quality control

With the NetGAGE3D white-light interferometry system, 3D-Shape GmbH – part of the ISRA VISION group – presents a stand-alone solution for optical 3D object and surface measurements in the nanometer range. Its particularly robust construction allows for use directly in-line, enabling quality assurance that is both ultra-precise as well as time and cost-efficient. The easy-to-use control system with storable measuring processes enables both manual operation and automated integration into the production process.

Use directly in-line

The stand-alone system with integrated PC and x/y table is completely encased to minimize contamination from dust and other contaminants. Vibration isolators provide the necessary damping and stability needed on the plant floor. The required maintenance, such as regular calibration and servicing of testing equipment, is considerably less than in the case of tactile measurement devices or laboratory equipment.


Because the light source and camera are mounted coaxially, the cylindrical measurement light beams enable shadow-free scanning of depths such as boreholes, channels and etched structures. It is also possible to take various parameters into account in a single measurement: the roughness, flatness, uniformity, topology and geometric shape of an object can be recorded and evaluated simultaneously.

The surfaces to be inspected are either recorded in their entirety or stitched together from individual measuring fields with an extremely high resolution. The sensor is capable of scanning freely-definable areas sequentially and thus achieves a measuring field for sizes of up to 150 x 150 mm² – an enormous time advantage for such high measurement speeds. Furthermore, the 100 mm, fully height-adjustable scanning device enables inspection of objects with greater height.

Automotive industry:

  • Measurement of deep drilled holes: depth, taper angles, position
  • Semi-automated serial inspection of tray layouts (batch processing)
  • 3D measurement of complicated geometries

Tool and mechanical engineering industry:

  • Tool inspection: analysis of breaks
  • Definition of precise machine settings
  • Hardness testing of steel

Electronics industry:

  • Quality inspection of printed circuit boards and wafers: control of completeness, positioning, coplanarity
  • Depth inspection of through silicone vias (TSV)

Precision parts:

  • 3D measurements down to the smallest detail
  • Geometry measurement of gears
  • Defect detection